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E-Light Hair Removal Machine (IPL+RF)

E-light IPL RF hair removal machine SK-11

Hair removal
Skin rejuvenation, speckle removal, vascular, acne therapy, wrinkle removal

1. Most advanced technology: E-light + RF + IPL +Skin Contact Cooling
2. Two handpieces: one E-light handpiece and one bipolar RF handpiece
3. Easier operation: 10’’ color touch screen, 18 settings memory system, 13 languages
4. Easier installation: Plug-and-play CPC connectors
5. Long working time: powerful cooling system (air + water + semiconductor)
6. Safe operation: water flow and water level systems keep valuable optic components in the safest condition
7. It can be upgraded with an IC system
8. Medical CE approval, ISO13485:2012.

Color Touch Screen, E-light IPL RF 3in1
IPL Energy 1-50J/ cm2
Pulse Duration 1-10ms
Pulse Interval 1-100ms
RF 10MHz
RF Energy 1-20J/cm3
RF Duration 50-2500ms
Spectra 530-1200nm (standard) 420nm/540nm/585nm/640nm (optional)
Refrigeration 0°C~-7°C
Spot Size 8 ×40mm2 or15 ×60mm2
Electrical Requirement AC 220V ±10% 50Hz AC 110V ±10% 60Hz
Net Weight 28kg
Dimension 630mm ×460mm ×630mm (L ×W ×H)
Product Details
  • E-light handpiece
  • RF handpiece
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