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Thermage Fractional RF System

Thermage Fractional RF Wrinkle Removal Machine FR-1

1. Wrinkle removal
2. Skin renewal
3. Skin lifting
4. Scald or other skin scars removal
5. Acne scar removal
6. Collagen rebuilding

Fractional RF releases radio frequency energy in capacity form onto the skin surface and underneath by scanning rapidly in dots. This simulates the positive and negative ions in the cells to rub and create heat, heat the collagen tissue, accelerate blood circulation of the dermis and subcutis, instantly heats and contracts the fiber tissue, stimulate the collagen to continue to regenerate and reorganize, as well as make the skin healthier and more flexible. At the same time, the epidermis tissue will rearrange to generate new skin cells, in order to resurface the skin over the entire face.

1. 10.4" color touch screen can be rotated freely
2. Simple operating interface, safe and easy operation
3. 6 treatment tips suitable for all treatment area
4. Free logo display for customers
5. Smart output energy controlling, extend life time of treatment tips
6. Human- based handpiece design, comfortable operation for operator
Screen 10.4'' color touch
Frequency 10Mhz (20, 30Mhz optional)
Output power 1000W
Energy 50J
Treatment heads for handpiece 6 pcs
Treatment area 20mm x 20mm
Working modes 3
Voltage AC 110V ±10% 60Hz, AC 220V ±10% 50Hz
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